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This terms and conditions (“T&C”) sets forth the agreement between Tiamo Wellness PLT (“the company”) and each purchaser or brand partner (“BP”, “customer”, “your” or “you”) by observing the mutual understanding of rules in selling the goods of the company. This T&C governs the purchase of any product on www.tiamo2u.com (“this website”) by you. By placing order in this website, the company acknowledge that you act as an affiliate or also known as brand partner (“BP”) of the company. You have read, understood and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are subject to change by the company without prior notice.

Please contact us via support@tiamo2u.com should you have any concern.

All matters regarding to Brand Partner (BP) administration of the company shall follow these Terms and Conditions.

1) BP Registration
Article 1. BP Qualifications
Anyone with a valid nationality is eligible to register as a BP without any restriction on qualification due to age, academic background, career, occupation, gender, religion, or physical disabilities subject to Article 2.

Article 2. Limitation on Registration
Those falling under any of the following shall be restricted from registration:
1) A person who is restricted from joining a business activity in accordance with Malaysia laws and regulations.
2) Executives and Employees of the company and its subsidiaries.
3) Persons under 18 years of age at the time of registration.
Notwithstanding the above restrictions for the registration, the company may terminate the membership of a BP who registered in violation of Article 2 and the company shall then not be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever arising therefrom.

Article 3. Registration of New BP
1) All BP must be registered under their name as stated in their Identity Card, and the Company shall recognize only the qualifications of the registered BP themselves. Claims of rights against others shall not be accepted if made by BP who joined under other persons’ names.
2) All BP must certify that all of the information provided is complete and accurate. If any false or misleading information is found in the BPs’ registration applications, the company reserves the right to terminate the account.
5) The company, at all times, reserves rights to review the BP membership. Access to the website after registration does not warrant acceptance by the company. Once the membership is registered, BPs are not allowed to make any changes to their name and IC/PR card number.
6) Individual BP should only have one account under his/her name.

Article 4. Approval of Member Qualifications
The membership for customer shall take effect when the applicant is granted a membership number (ID) by the Company. Meanwhile, successful BP enrolment will only take effect upon the Company’s review of all the information and documents provided by the registrant, and the approval of BP shall be under the sole authority of the Company.

Article 5. Definition of Registered BP
A BP registered with the Company shall be legally responsible for all activities he or she has performed as an independent BP who conducts sales activities on his or her own with respect to the business policies, marketing plans, and product purchases publicly presented by the Company.

Article 6. BP Information Management
1) At the time of registration, the BP shall clearly state his/her personal details, recommendations and sponsorship in accordance with the document procedures set by the Company, responsibility for any wrong information provided and defects in the submitted documents shall be borne by the submitting party.
2) Furthermore, the BP shall notify the Company immediately of any changes made to his or her personal information (address, phone number, bank account details etc.) and other necessary information, and all responsibility (mail return, etc.). The Company will not bear any responsibility if BP fail to receive commission or any other notices.

Article 7. Brand Partner Reward Policy
1) The company offers monthly referral reward to you when you actively refer or building your Tiamo business. You must remain active for each calendar month to receive monthly referral reward. Minimum purchase of RM200 each calendar month are considered as your qualification to remain active. You are not qualify to receive any referral reward from any sales generated if you are inactive for the specific calendar month.  

2) BP Qualifications and Activities
Article 8. Withdrawal
BP may terminate the Agreement at any time and for any reason by giving thirty (30) days written notice to the Company. BP will be withdrawn upon receipt and verification of the completed termination form from the BP. Rejoining can only be considered one year after the withdrawal from the termination date.

Article 9. Termination of BP (Exclusion)
1) The Company reserves the right to terminate any BP without prior notice and with immediate effect or impose a penalty on BP as a result of breach of any of the provisions herein. In determining what actions to take in the event of breach of the Agreement, the Company may consider without limitation the nature and severity of the breach. If BP do not agree with the action taken by the company, BP may file an appeal within 7 days together with supporting evidence to be submitted to appeal, however, the decision by the Company will be deemed final thereafter.
2) A BP’s membership will be terminated in the following cases:

  1. Registration or withdrawal without consent
  2. Submitting false documents in connection with membership registration
     i. Causing a serious operating loss to the company. “Serious operating loss” refers to financial loss by the Company due to a loss of company reputation, intentional mass return, or a lawsuit caused by a failure to comply with the Company regulations.
  3. Recommending (introduction, inducement/registering, etc.), promoting or selling products or businesses of other direct selling marketing companies or similar direct selling marketing companies (including door-to-door sales/sponsored door-to-door sales similar to direct selling marketing) to the Company’s BPs. BPs are forbidden to participate in other direct selling marketing businesses.
  4. The Company may terminate the membership of a BP who caused a serious controversy without first suspending his or her membership and a termination of membership terminates all legal relationship between the BP and the Company, and the BP may no longer exercise any of his or her rights as a BP.
  5. In case of terminating the membership of a BP, the Company may also impose disciplinary actions on the higher-level BPs (applicable not only direct but to all levels) based on a comprehensive consideration of whether they were aware of the violation beforehand, their obligations to provide adequate training support, and their responsibilities as higher-level BP, depending on the seriousness of the matter.

Article 10. Re-registration of BPs
1) In case of a voluntary withdrawal, he or she may apply for registration only if he or she has not performed any activities for 12 months (365 days) from the date of withdrawal (hereinafter referred to as the “Inactive Period”). The term of “In-active” include

  1. Not allowed to conduct any related product sales activities of the company
  2. Not allowed to participate in any official offline/online events including the company education center related activities of the company.

2) A withdrawn BP’s Inactive Period shall be extended if he/she fails to comply with it. In case of a BP who has had his or her membership terminated by a disciplinary action, the Company may permanently refuse to register him or her as a member.

3) With respect to a violation of the 12-month Inactive Period, a complaint may not be filed after two years have elapsed from the date of the violation.

Article 11. Inheritance
Upon the death of a BP, the BP’s interest may be passed on to their spouse, children or designated family members as such, subject to acceptance of Company, Company’s Rules and Regulations and Malaysia government laws and regulations.

Article 12. Internet and Third-Party Website Restrictions
 All BPs may not (directly or indirectly through any intermediary or instrumentality) advertise, offer for sale, or facilitate the offering for sale of any Tiamo products or services or offer the referral reward on any online auction websites, internet retailer sites, third-party platform or online marketplace websites. Examples of such sites include, but are not limited to, Facebook Marketplace, Shopee, Lazada, Mudah, Carousell, eBay, Amazon, This is a serious violation and obligation survives the termination of a BP with the company without prior notice. 

Article 13. Price Regulation Policy 
A BP registered with the Company shall be legally responsible and agree to market and price the company product not lower than the corporate recommended retail selling price. Any BP selling the company product at unreasonable low or price-cutting will result in BP account termination without prior notice. Market surveillance action and compliance action shall be under the sole authority of the Company. The company reserves the right to terminate the account without prior notice and will not bear any responsibility for any loss. 

3) Logistic

Article 14. Order/Shipping
1) All BPs must purchase Tiamo products directly from the Company and shall not supply the products to anyone who intends to purchase them for resale purposes. All members are obliged to promote and sell the company products to end consumers ONLY.
2) A BP may not possess excessive stock when making a new purchase, or over-purchase Goods beyond the amount required for self-consumption or sale to other consumers. In case of over-purchase, the BP shall be restricted from cancelling the purchase (return).
3) BPs of the company must accurately understand their sales capabilities or level of consumption and purchase Goods accordingly. 
4) BPs must understand that all orders placed are subject to acceptance by the Company and the terms of this agreement.

Article 15: Exchange of Goods and Cancellation of Purchase

  1. Return/Exchange of Goods
    “Return / Exchange” refers to a system under the fourteen (14)-day warranty system in which a BP of the Company may request to exchange of a purchased product for the same product due to defects in the product within 14 days, start from the day you placed the order. Change of mind does not entitle for return and refund request. Final course of action subject to company check and approve. Commissions gained from the aforesaid will re-adjusted accordingly. Please refer to https://tiamo2u.com/return-exchange/ for full term of return & exchange policy.

Article 16. Adjustment of Commission gained for Cancellation of Purchase
1) The intentional action of Purchase and Return for the purpose of commission generation is strictly prohibited. The Company will only honor the request of return and proceed with refund subject to the company check and approve; however, any unlawfully gained commission will be recovered.
2) Any return and refund item with gained commission from the respective purchase order will also be deducted from the BP. Commission deduction process may be parallel to the Company’s operation timeframe, and it may not reflect on the same date of purchase cancellation. BPs are not allowed to decide the date of commission adjustment.

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